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16333 Antique Mahogany Butler’s Desk Bookcase By Charak

SHIPPING: $385.00
Item #: 16333



This wonderful piece is a flame mahogany butler’s breakfront secretary bookcase desk that dates from the 1930s made in Boston by the Charak Furniture Company It’s an awesome looking desk, with flame mahogany fronts. The label inside the second drawer identifies it as part of the Beacon Hill Collection, made in the Boston area by Charak, well-known for their custom goods, and numbered, as their pieces normally are. It’s a quality breakfront, with beautiful four-mullioned individual glass pane doors on top, four drawers in center, and the top drawer flips down to become a butler’s desk. It has two large doors on each end, with drawers on top, which are all blind dovetail, another trademark of the company. It also has a high style cutout bracket foot base, banded doors, picture frame molded drawers, and just high quality all the way with a dentil notch molding on the top. The overall size is 55 inches wide, 14.5 inches on the outside bookcase sections and 17.5 inches in the center where the breakfront comes out, and 78 inches high. Each china door section on top has two solid mahogany shelves with plate grooves built in, and the shelves are all adjustable. The center section is 12.5 inches deep, and the outside sections are 10 inches deep. It does come with a key, but we never guarantee these old locks to work, as they always need to be oiled, adjusted, and cleaned. This beautiful two-piece unit is all set to go into your home. Please take a look around the rest of the site, and remember that we give a generous freight discount when you purchase multiple items. Call 1-207-314-9621 for details. It will cost only $385 to have this desk shipped to your home, within our normal delivery area. We also ship to all points of Canada, but please email us to get an accurate quote for your specific location.