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15408 Antique Mahogany Bedroom Set by Northern Furniture Company

SHIPPING: $785.00
Item #: 15408



What a beautiful set! It’s a neo-classical high-quality mahogany six-piece bedroom set by the Northern Furniture Company of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, dating from the 1930s or ‘40s. If this was period neo-classical, you’d be looking at paying in the high thousands, but this is a very unique copy , complete with the ebonized pillars, the simulated brass ormolu trim, and the diamond point ebony inlay, with brass ormolu style stars. The set consists of a four-drawer tall chest, a very hard to find pair of matching night stands, a full-size bed, a matching three-drawer chest, and a most unusual matching wall mirror. All finished in a dark reddish-brown color, we have re-sprayed the tops of the two chests and night stands, and the whole set is all set to go in your home. The set retains its original neo-classical style hardware, all the gilding and black ebonized paint is intact, and it’s really stunning. The overall sizes of the pieces, beginning with the tall chest, are 36 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and 46 inches high. It has the brass ormolu style trim across the top of the picture-frame molded top drawer, and the bottom three drawers are gold stenciled, and all drawers are dovetailed. The pillars are all intact, and there is a little gold star is down at the base of the French ogee foot and also has ormolu trim. The next item is the sleigh-style full-size bed. It features a circular ring decoration panel on the headboard, a picture frame panel, brass ormolu trim and gold pin-striping. The overall size is, on the outside, 57 inches wide at the widest point, and 41 inches high. The footboard is 14 inches high. The inside dimensions, for mattress purposes, are 54 inches wide, and 75 inches long. Solid bolt-in threaded rod construction on the solid thick wood side rails assures a tight and sturdy fit for a modern-day full-size box spring and mattress. This is a beautiful bed, with the ormolu trim and of course the ebonized diamond point detail on the headboard and footboard. The next item is the three-drawer dresser. It measures 48 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 34 inches high. It comes with three dovetail drawers, all of really nice construction, brass ormolu trim, ebonized pillars, and is very similar to the tall chest. It’s a great looking piece all by itself! The next piece is the lyre shaped mirror. Make sure to look at the pictures of this one, because it is really nice! The top of it has two crossed bow and arrows going through a lyre shaped design cut out of dainty mahogany with gold accents and ebonized trim. Each of the outside four corner blocks features a gold star and ebonized background with gilding. The size of the mirror is 25 inches wide, 39 inches high. The size of the looking glass is 21 inches wide, and 30 inches tall. It’s in really nice condition, with a mahogany color frame. It makes for a really gorgeous and expensive mirror if purchased separately. The last, but not least, item is the pair of matching one-drawer night stands. These are very unusual! Designed to look like the case pieces, they have picture-frame dovetail molded drawers with the original neo-classical, hardware, brass ormolu footed details on the base, a bottom shelf, black ebonized diamond point corner blocks. The overall size is 16 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 28.5 inches high, with the bottom shelf measuring 14 inches high. It’s a fantastic looking pair, and the refinished tops really make the fine mahogany used pop out! So, for one price, you’re getting a four-drawer chest, a full-size panel sleigh bed, a stylish triple-drawer dresser, a very expensive and detailed mirror, and two hard to find matching night stands! These are all in very good condition, with only minor rub marks and nicks and dings, all of which add character and age to these amazing pieces. It will cost only $785 to have this set shipped to your home, within our normal delivery area.